Wiregene is developing first-ever medical products to promote tissue regeneration using biomaterials, stem cells, chemicals, and genes.

Exclusive focus on neuronal regeneration and repair

We have developed unique nerve conduits for the regeneration of peripheral nerve and spinal cord. We also continue to find the best types of biomaterial scaffolds and hydrogel to improve spinal cord or peripheral nerve regeneration.

Artificial intelligence-based drug developments

Among chemical agents already used in the clinical field, we found some drugs related to nerve and muscle regeneration using various machine learning technologies. Repurposing drugs have been already used in various medical field.

Stem cell modulation for development of disease-specific treatments

Some types of stem cells including neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells have beneficial effects for spinal cord regeneration in animal studies. We are analyzing any factors to promote functional improvements for patients with spinal cord injury. 



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